Get ready for Salesforce MFA with MIRACL Trust

Even though the timeline has passed, you can still change your MFA to MIRACL Trust. Increase conversion while staying compliant.

Curious how to enable Salesforce MFA?

MIRACL Trust is the only one-step multi-factor authentication technology enabling a fast, safe and secure way of letting your teams into their tools. Our easy to implement solution takes only 2 seconds to log in and is so simple, users won’t miss the extra onerous steps they’ve been tolerating so far.

To integrate into Salesforce tools, MIRACL Trust can:

  • Act as a second factor in your current login user flow
  • Replace your passwords entirely
  • Integrate Salesforce MFA with SSO

Why do I need to change my Salesforce login process to multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Due to the increase of data breaches and the inherent vulnerabilities of passwords, Salesforce is requiring all customers to have MFA enacted by 1 February 2022. While some products will have a grace period to go live, customers without MFA will be in breach of their contracts. The new requirement will NOT “allow the use of security questions or one-time passcodes delivered via email, SMS text messages, or phone calls because of the inherent vulnerabilities with these methods. Email credentials can be compromised and cell phone numbers can be intercepted via SIM swapping attacks or hacked mobile device accounts." (Salesforce helpdesk)

MIRACL Trust does NOT:

  • Need a second device
  • Use SMS messages
  • Send one-time passcodes
    (aside from initial setup)
  • Use additional apps
  • Take a long time to log in
  • Cost as much as other MFA alternatives
  • Have a single point of failure
  • Keep any data
Check your current requirements for your Salesforce products

Already Salesforce MFA Compliant?

If you’re already set and compliant for the Salesforce MFA transition, that’s great! However, if you’re ready to start saving money while increasing security and giving time back to your customers and employees, let’s talk!

Schedule a call to speak about your multi-factor authentication project and how MIRACL Trust can:

  • Save Time
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Security
  • Lower Costs
  • Improve Customer & Employee Experience